Managing Groups & Permissions

Here, you'll see how you can manage the groups, and tweak the permissions! Click on the images to enlarge them!

Manage Group Permissions:

To manage a group's permission, you must first create one, or use the default ones which are created automatically upon the creation of a project (Default & Administrator).

Assuming that you're following the documentation from the start, we will continue on editing the "Staff" group we created in the previous step. If you have a different group, you can do so by following the same steps.

Steps to Manage A Group:

  1. Head over to the "Groups" tab on the Centox Administrator Panel.

  2. Select the group that you wish to edit. For this instance, we will be editing our "Staff" group that we created in the previous step.

  3. Select the form for which you wish to edit the settings for that group. For this instance, we will be editing our "Staff Applications" form. You can choose any of the forms you've made beforehand.

  4. Now give the group the permissions that you wish that group to access. You can checkout this page to see which permission node means what: Permission Nodes & Their Uses

  5. For this instance, we will give the "Staff" role all permissions of the "Moderator Permissions" and "Admin Permissions".

  6. Once you're done with it, you may scroll down and click "Save Permissions" to save the permissions of that specific group.

  7. Boom! Your permissions have been setup. Now head over to the next article to see how you can assign your users the permission groups!

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