Forms Question Types

Here you can see an overview of all the different Forms Question Types that you can use when creating application forms.

Heading: This field can be used to create large headings inside your forms. You could create a field with the name of the application you are filling out. Or if the next questions are related to something specific.

Text: This field can be used to enter longer information that is relevant within the application form. It could be requirements for a content creator application, different requirements a staff member must comply with or something else entirely.

Video: This field can be used to insert embeds of YouTube videos directly below the application field. For example, you could insert a video about the requirements you need to comply with or information about your server.

Image: This field can be used to insert images inside the application form. It can primarily be used to improve the appearance, but can also be used for situations where it is useful to be able to show images.

Short-text: This field is intended for fields where you answer with single words. It could be your age, gamertag or similar things. If people need to write longer sentences, we recommend using long-text.

Long-text: This field is used for people to respond with longer sentences. This could be about their experiences, their past history or similar things.

Extra options for the fields above: For both short-text and long-text, you can turn on the requirement that you must answer the question in order to answer the specific Form. You can also enter a placeholder, which will appear in the field if the user hasn't entered a response yet.



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