How To Activate

Step 1: Go to the Integration Page

Then click on "Setup Discord Bot" and a box will pop up where you need to enter your Discord server ID and a name for the integration.

Step 2: Find Your Discord Server ID

Next, find the ID of your Discord Server. To do this, right-click on your server and find the button that says "Copy Server ID". Copy this ID and save it for the next step in the process. Note that this ID is not secret and cannot be used for anything.

Step 3: Insert your Server ID and a name

Next, you need to insert a name in the top box. It doesn't matter what you write here, it's just so you can keep track of it yourself. It is possible to set up multiple Discord servers so that the bot looks for users across multiple servers.

Insert the Discord ID from your server in the bottom box. * If the "Centox" bot is already on your discord server, click "Complte Setup" - if it is not, click "Invite Bot" and follow Step 4.

Step 4: Invite Centox Bot To Your Server (required)

In order for the bot to send messages to your users, it needs to be on the server your users are on. You can't just invite it to any server, it can only send messages to a user if they are on the Discord server you have entered.

Click "Invite Bot" and invite it to the server you are setting up. Although it asks for a few permissions, you can choose to turn them off, the only requirement is that it is on the server, it doesn't need any permissions. These permissions are for future features related to automatic roles and automatic notifications on the server for different events.

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