Forms FAQs

Here you can find answers to some of the questions we've received about our forms system in the previous time.

Is there a limit to the number of questions per form?

If you are using our Free Plan, you can use a maximum of 10 blocks when building your application forms. If your project is on the Pro or Advanced plan, there is no limit to the number of questions you can have.

Can forms be filled out on mobile devices?

Yes, we do. Both your application forms and your website can easily be accessed on mobile, we've made sure that users accessing your website on mobile have a great experience. That said, your users will probably get the best experience by filling out their application forms on desktop.

Can I add images or videos to my forms?

Yes, you can. You can both add images from links and insert YouTube videos that can be played directly below where people apply. Use the blocks called "Image" and "YouTube Video" when building your application form.

Is it possible to edit a form after it has been published?

You can access your application forms from our admin page at any time. Here you can always change all the questions people need to answer, as well as add new questions or change the design of the current questions. Follow our guide at Creating An New Formfor a tutorial on how to create and modify forms.

How do I set up notifications for new form responses?

With a single click, you can enable your users to receive private messages on Discord when the status of their application changes or when it is commented on. You can follow the guide to enable this under Discord Bot Private Messages

How does a user delete a form?

A user can access all their previous answers to forms on your website at any time. You can click on your profile picture at the top where you will see an overview of your previous applications and their status.

From here, a user can click on the application they want to see more information about. They can also see what they themselves answered to the questions, as well as any comments from staff.

Here you can click on "Delete Submission" and all information will be permanently deleted. Admins of your project will also not be able to access deleted data.

Is it possible to make certain fields mandatory?

Yes. For all types of questions, you can check if it is a requirement to answer it.

Can I set different permissions for viewing form responses?

Yes, you can. You can follow our guide under Permissions & Groups where we walk you through how to set up groups for your project. You can give all your users unique groups with different permissions, limiting who has access to view and respond to other people's applications.

How do I prevent spam submissions?

Can I set up auto-responses for submitted forms?

Where can I find more help or support for creating forms in Centox?

Can I export the data collected from forms?

Can I customize the look of my forms?

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